The Club takes safety very seriously and the committee adopted the following safety policy at its meeting in February 2017.


The BMAC Committee has a policy of promoting safe operation of model aircraft within our Club. As such, we aim to enforce the relevant CAA Regulations and we maintain in-force Club Rules aimed at achieving safe operations. These Rules are based on the BMFA Guidelines and on local experience.

It is also our policy to arrange a site layout that provides the maximum safety margins within the parameters of the site. Whenever changes are made, such as for a special event, safety will always be considered before a layout is agreed upon and implemented.

In addition to this, we have a policy of ensuring that training is given to newcomers and that no person shall fly unsupervised until they have demonstrated adequate competence by passing the relevant BMFA – A certificate (or equivalent).

Having defined the precautionary measures above, it is our policy to ensure that Members are aware of the Rules and Regulations mentioned above. Also, we aim to ensure that all users of the Club’s site are aware that it is their duty to behave in a manner that safeguards the wellbeing and safety of themselves and others.

Each member of the Committee will have an equal duty to monitor behaviour at the site and advise site users of any non-adherence to Club policy. In cases of concern and for repeat transgressions, incidents will be reported to the Safety Officer.

In each of the above areas, the Committee will monitor developments and consider the need for updates to the Rules and practices in the light of experience and evolving circumstances. Operational Safety will be an agenda  item for each Committee Meeting.