Whether you’re looking to learn the basics of flight, are ready for your A-certificate, or want to learn more advanced skills, you’ll find someone willing to help you.







The BMAC Training Guide (which can be downloaded using the link below) describes the Club’s training arrangements and tells you what your training is likely to include.

                                                                                     BMAC Training Guide


Below is a list of club instructors you can contact for help, followed by several downloads which should help to get you up and flying safely.

BMFA publishes “A Flying Start”, an excellent introduction to flying and essential reading for the beginner, which is available via the link below.

                                                                                             A Flying Start


Alan Haskell

Alan is the Club’s Training Coordinator and is also a BMFA examiner.

He can help fixed wing fliers from complete beginner all the way to B-certification.

Alan’s own interests include sport aerobatics, electric gliders and scale.

He can be contacted here.




Mike Holt

Mike is also a BMFA examiner

He can help fixed-wing fliers from beginner to B-certification, as well as beginner helicopter and multirotor pilots.

Mike is interested in anything that flies.

You can contact him here.



Tony Lee

Tony can help fixed-wing fliers from beginner to A-certification.

He is interested in sport aerobatic flying, scale, electric gliders and experimental design and build.

Tony can be contacted here.





Jim Vart

Jim has been flying models for longer than most of us can remember.

He flies fixed-wing models, helicopters and multi rotors and can help you with any of these.

You can contact Jim here.





Ian Hunt

Another long-standing member, Ian is now our Chairman.

A skilled and experienced flier, Ian will help anybody wanting to learn to fly fixed-wing models or multirotors.

Ian can be contacted here.



You may like to use this log sheet to record your progress in learning to fly.

                                                                                           Pilot Log Sheet

Not sure who to ask to instruct you? You may find the following guidance helpful.

                                                                                   How to find your instructor

After you have passed your A cert and are thinking of moving on to more advanced models, you may like to consider passing on your old training model to a new member just starting out. If that is so, please mention it to your instructor or examiner who will put you in touch with suitable beginners.